The company has been on the market chimneys over twenty years. It's a long time to get to know thoroughly the problems associated with the disposal of exhaust gases. By taking a few years ago the production of chimneys, we relied mainly on their own experience and capabilities of our market. General access to modern materials acid- and heat-resistant possible for stable production now complete chimney systems.


Our chimneys smoke over a large area of ​​the country, which enables wide-developed distribution network. A further development direction of the company was contracting fireplace mantles of sandstone and marble, and finally the production of fireplace inserts. As one of the first to have implemented a fireplace with a water jacket combining the functions of the fire the boiler.


Currently, the production includes chimneys and their systems, fireplaces and welded iron with a capacity from 8 to 20 kW, chimney and water heaters mounted fireplaces. We are working hard with modern water heaters. We also offer a variety of polypropylene products (garden pools, septic tanks, tanks for rainwater) and products made of aluminum and polycarbonate (telescopic pool covers, canopies over doors, conservatories, etc.).


Dynamically developing manufacturing and installation of railings in stainless steel. They serve and adorn many public buildings and private, and not only on significant buildings in the country. We are open to any proposals of cooperation for the benefit of customers and their heating systems to more economical heating apartments and houses. Welcome originators and distributors. Always guided by the answer: How something can be done - let's do it, and do not look for trouble ...


Therefore, we invite you once again to work together even move mountains.